No video Deskpro EP Series

Compaq Deskpro machine has no video and when you go to Compaq website the machine as per SN shows that it has a Matrox Millineum Video Card. . GH
Marox Millenium card and the Compaq bios on EP seriers 350/400/450/500/550 have a problem with loosing communitcation with the bios on that machine. This bios flash will periodically redresh the communication between the bios and the video card. GH
The is a SP12536 that will flash the Bios which will weekly refresh the video card to talk to the bios. After extracting the Support Pack from Compaq and making a floppy you start the machine with the floppy inserted and hold down the Esc key and then when the machine beging to boot from the FD then you wait until it finishes and the Keyboard lights will flash and the FD will stop running!! Restart the PC and the video may start working again. GH

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